Wednesday, December 5, 2012

a home day

We're having 'a home day'.  That's what my social butterfly 3 year old calls it when we spend the whole day at home.  She doesn't like 'home days' very much ~ she'd far prefer to be out and about at kindy or pretty much anywhere!  But Mama loooves a home day.  So I'm trying to make it fun for her too.  Whether it's the arrival of a baby sister, or just a stage, she's not great at independant play at the moment.  Wanting my help or attention at every turn sure is tiring!  This morning we've made muffins, read stories, done drawings of santa, and hugged the baby.  This afternoon I have up my sleeve:  playdough, chopping a twig off the christmas tree to make a mini christmas tree for the dolls house (and maybe some decorations, and a stocking too), maybe turning one of those fantastic santa drawings into some kind of primitive softie, and I'm sure there will be a dvd in there too at some stage.
Sounds tiring reading all that ~ but I can do it in my old clothes, with my un-combed hair, and it doesn't involve getting two kids in and out of the car in the rain.  Sounds good to me.

P.S.  Have you seen Christina's '12 days of Christmas' giveaways!?  I was lucky enough to win day one!  You should go enter now! xo


A little bit Country said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me. I love "Home" days. x

Rach said...

Busy day! Lovely Christmas things :)

Rhiannon said...

Otto has the same dislike of home days - always asking if he can go to PC or something instead. Our home days are far less exciting than yours though..!

Martini said...

Hi! just sneak thru and read a glimpse of your life and I like it :) Will definitely comeback and read thru the rest (shh.. I'm in my office,working now) hehe. Nice meeting you(r blog)